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Sunday, November 15, 2009


I don't usually blog about myself but this time i've to since a lot of my fans (hahaha) out there keep asking me what im doing lately. so here it is. this week im having  community & social responsibility module.  it' looks like corporate social responsibility where big corporation doing social services such donating their income to welfare society, organising and supporting an event for disable children so that they can become famous. but the different is, this corporations have a lot of extra money to spend on but unfortunately ,  we cant really doing a community services because of money constraint. yeah, how can an individual like us can contribute to people if we can only share our knowledge and energy without contributing any $$$...bullshit right? people always talk about doing a good thing doesnt mean u need  to spend some $$...people always say that, sharing your knowledge and helping people is enough to gain respect. but in real life, how good u are, how wise is ur brain, how kind is ur heart, it means nothing if u can'tshare some of ur valuable (money  especially) with them. what u've done doesnt benefit them or doesnt make them feel   comfortable at all..it s o pathetic rights? stop!!!!!

quoted by me:
"money means nothing if people are not happy"

p/s: this entry actually should be published on 3rd of nov..

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QueenZ said...

ye ke? bagi saya money is everything..hahaha