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Monday, October 26, 2009


So yeah. I havent written any entry as i used to during my time at serakah. Yeah, i miss that much. I miss my time at serakah. Perhaps most of u here don't know where serakah is. Hahaha. Nemind, let me keep it deep inside my heart.

Perhaps there will be some transformation after this. I'm just waiting a friend to design the header. I've no time to design it. Yeah, thanks to him very much for his willingness. Perhaps that would be a good move.

But as i promise to u earlier, i wouldnt write something radical. Maybe just a bit into it. But i'll keep doing it from my heart. Expressing what my heart would say. Not from my mind (maybe sometimes). So, keep shut up.

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Nazra~ said...

oh yours serakah? belum pernah pegi jugak tapi kadang2 ada menghampiri